Dr. Erica Monaco is one of the most compassionate, kind, and caring humans I have had the pleasure of working with. She puts her heart and soul into what she does, and is extremely dedicated to her patients. 

She has cried with us over losing an animal, answered emails and questions on her time off, and always made mine and my family’s pets a priority. I have a dog with a chronic condition, that she correctly diagnosed and treated after 4 other vets failed. Any time he has a flare up (which she’s all but eliminated at this point) she makes sure he’s seen in a timely manner. 

She has never tried to pressure me into a treatment plan, or nickel and dime me. She is always amazing at explaining what she sees, what it could mean, and what that means going forward. She has helped me go through the pros and cons of treatment options to ensure I make the best decision for my pets. 

Even when I had an emergency after hours that I had to take else where, when I contacted her she had no issues going over what probably happened and reassuring me that I made all the right decisions.

I will always trust and follow Dr. Monaco, because she is in it for the love of these animals.