Dr Monaco is one of the most honorable veterinarians there is, she has been my pets vet for 6 years or so. When one of my shepherds was having issues with her hips we discussed acupuncture and spent a lot of time together and not only did my dog Leia love her, we got to really know her and see the passion she has for animals. She will recommend as she sees fit while being extremely honest and comforting. I can speak
from experience since at one point I had four shepherds and we dealt with hip issues, nose cancer to just normal check ups and all the dogs adore her. She really treats them like they are her own pets. Dr. Monaco went above and beyond during a time of need for us and came into the office for an emergency visit with one of our pups that needed to be put down due to his nose cancer. I highly recommend Dr. Erica Monaco for your all
animal needs, she will definitely go above and beyond for you.